Kajander in Suomen Kuvalehti, “Construction offers great new business opportunities”

Suomen Kuvalehti interviewed Boost Brothers’ CEO Juho-Kusti Kajander about the current state of the construction business and its opportunities in Finland and internationally.

The productivity of the domestic market could be increased by taking better use of the existing construction technologies, operation models and product development knowledge, so new export concepts could be created.

“The construction industry should find out what new technologies and services there are abroad, and take advantage of them. Based on them it is possible to outline new opportunities and growth paths”, Juho-Kusti Kajander suggests.

The fast-growing forefront international construction companies are far ahead, for example in virtual design, utilization of information flows, and automation.

Kajander sheds light on the phenomena by examples: “Together with clients and users, one can virtually design different solutions before construction. That is a big change. All the building parts, technologies, work phases and maintenance tasks are imported to a digital form. In Japan, robots build construction parts on production lines. On the construction site, robots help with the installation of modules and construction parts. (Suomen Kuvalehti 11.11.2016, page 17)

Read the full story (In Finnish, “Suoraan sanoen”, translated meaning “Frankly said”) in Suomen Kuvalehti 11.11.2016