Boost has advised public procurements worth over EUR 500 million

Procurement expertise crucial

The total volume of public procurements in Finland is an astonishing EUR 35 billion in a year. This amount is approaching one fifth of Finland’s gross domestic product (Confederation of Finnish Industries, 2020).

“Nearly half of the procurements made by municipalities in Finland concern construction and renovations. According to the Ministry of the Environment’s recent analysis, approximately EUR 7 billion is spent on public construction projects in Finland,” says Petro Pöyhönen, who is in charge of Boost’s procurement expertise development.

Boost has implemented public procurements worth over EUR 500 million

Boost Brothers, together with its clients, has already prepared and implemented more than 100 public procurements with a total purchase price exceeding EUR 500 million.

”Some examples of the procurements implemented by us are Tikkurila church, Järvenpää’s New Social and Healthcare Center, Kyrölä and Kartano Schools and Kinnari School, which was, according to our knowledge, the first negotiating procurement implemented in accordance with the new Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts in spring 2016,” says Pöyhönen.

Pöyhönen has considerable experience in the development and application of ordinary as well as new procurement models for design, construction and maintenance.

“Nearly all of our procurements have included quality criteria. We have developed hundreds of criteria and implemented several negotiating procurements together with clients. It is also magnificent to work with the top partners in the industry, such as Attorney at Law Mika Pohjonen,” says Pöyhönen.

Mika Pohjonen, LL.M. with court training, Master of Economic Sciences, is a partner at Frontia Attorneys Ltd and one of the most valued public procurement and Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts experts in Finland.

“I have cooperated with Boost in several projects. Boost has developed a clear and innovative procurement model. Boost’s model is based on in-depth quality assessment and development of the solutions of tenderers in workshops during the competitive tendering. This creates the best solution in terms of the price-quality ratio for the client’s project in question,” says Mika Pohjonen.

“With professionally implemented procurements, it is possible to acquire quality in line with the budget and require the best possible values on the markets for the client. We want to organise procurement competitions in which the tender of a good company wins, which was also the best tender,” says Pöyhönen.

A new procurement strategy next

According to Pöyhönen, the significance of the procurement expertise will grow strongly in the coming years.

“The Government has published a new public procurement strategy in the autumn 2020. The focus is on the social and ecological sustainability. Procurements that are result-based boost and accelerate the Finnish economy,” says Pöyhönen.

Significant measures for 2021 are, for example, the establishment of the Big Buyers group as well as the reform of procurement expertise and training.

“The national Big Buyers group consists of procurers who have the biggest procurement volume in Finland. These big operators can spread good practices efficiently also to other procurement units in the area,” says Pöyhönen.