Research and Development

We conduct market, technology and investment research and help our clients to develop new investments, products, and services in a tailored, fast and efficient way.

With the help of our R&D service we bring our clients the latest knowledge of operating methods in the real estate and construction businesses, technologies, markets, and mega trends in an easily applicable form.

We also help our clients in developing and deploying new investments, operating models and product and service concepts.

We have carried out over 500 research and development projects for construction management clients, real estate owners, ministries, investment organizations and research institutes. As a result, we have generated new decision-making materials, investment projects and operating models, products and services that have improved our clients’ competitive edge.

Development Workshop

What do latest trends, uncertainties and recent research results in real estate and construction field mean in terms of our business?

We prepare and execute development workshops targeted according to our client’s needs. The outcome of the development workshop is a common understanding and a perception of current opportunities, risks, and development measures.

Market and Technology Reports

Are you wondering what’s the market situation? Would you like to quickly find out the opportunities of new operating models and technologies? Do you need inspiration and decision-making data to set goals or to resolve your problems?

We map and analyze the most interesting current market and technology information targeted for you efficiently and with quality.

Operating Models and Benchmarking

Would you like to know, learn, get inspired and make use of what others have already done, and all this in a quick way?

We provide a rapid search of the most interesting domestic and international reference projects, operators and operating models tailored to the client’s needs. We compare the findings with commonly set KPIs, and we summarize the most relevant information for the client in an easily applicable form. We help in making the most out of the chosen operating models, and in change management required by the deployment.

Support in R&D and Innovation Activities

We help the client according to their needs in preparing, organizing, funding, coaching, coordinating, and measuring the results of their R&D and innovation activities.

What’s our competitive advantage?

The competitive advantage of our R&D services is based on rapid business and technology intelligence using state-of-the-art knowledge and computational theories, as well as on our active international network connections and latest research data of international construction and innovation management. We also have strong hands-on project experience in construction, real estate, and innovation management.

We have knowledge and expertise in following subjects:

  • investment, project, funding, and regulation models in new, energy saving, and low carbon built environment
  • leadership models in construction management and maintenance
  • models of learning and leading people in the 2020s
  • operating models in industrial construction
  • planning and production technologies based on automation and AI
  • Rapid construction technologies and project models of new construction and renovation
  • Building service flexibility and adaptability
  • circular economy models in construction and reuse of building parts
  • making use of new functional materials and photonics applications in construction

Please see our Research and Development publications for more information.

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