Our coaching service enables your project team to exceed the client’s expectations by setting smart goals, working efficiently, and using new ways of working – together.

Our competitive advantage is based on research and our knowledge of self-directed teams and teamwork.

The coaching service aims to enable the project team and the individuals to reach their highest potential to succeed in the project, and also to develop the team and its individuals’ skills.

Our Coaching service suits in an excellent way to the needs of building and infrastructure construction management as well as industrial construction management and energy projects.

What’s included in Coaching?

We act as the project team coach in the client’s construction project. Our coaches help the project team to create a clear project plan, to clarify the project goals to all parties, and help the team and the individuals to work efficiently towards common goals and to create value for money.

Typical coaching themes are:

  • Introduction to the basics of project work and the chosen project model, clarifying the project’s and the project team’s goals
  • Start-up questionnaire on the team’s and the individuals’ goals and motivators
  • A series of workshops for the key persons to develop common ways of working
  • Ensuring and follow-up of the adaptation of the ways of working: rehearsals, keeping contact, Big Room Planning
  • Launching of project organization and practices, establishing project steering group and project management group, and thematic groups in alliance projects, development of reporting practices
  • Supporting the key persons in their personal development
  • Co-development of a project plan and supporting its implementation (risk management, data modelling, planning practices, cost management)
  • Supporting the client’s operations

Who needs Coaching?

Our coaching is targeted especially to clients who implement sustainable development projects with new concepts and technologies. Coaching is especially well-suited for co-operative project delivery models.

What is the outcome of our Coaching service?

Coaching delivers two main results:

  • Project goals are clear for the entire project team.
  • Project team and the individuals work efficiently together towards the commonly set goals and create value for money.

Why is Coaching important in construction projects?

Three key aspects are connected in a successful construction project:

1) Trust: each team member feels they are an important part of the team, and they have courage to make their voice heard

2) Professional pride: the project team parties have committed to the project and to the common goals, and they have been able to contribute to the actions and the result themselves

3) Being systematic: the basic structures are stable, change management and decision-making are effective, and the schedule and target costs are met

Coaching helps the project team to succeed by supporting and ensuring that these key aspects are on an excellent level.

What’s our competitive advantage in Coaching?

Our competitive advantage in coaching is based on our knowledge and operating models of self-directed teams, and on using and applying the latest research results.

In coaching we utilize the latest research results from the following disciplines:

  • the theory of teamwork
  • best international practices
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • schema therapy
  • solution oriented therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • positive pedagogy
  • work guidance models
  • integrative psychotherapy

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