Infrastructure Construction Management

We provide our clients with science-based infrastructure construction services.

We offer for example project strategy planning, cost and quality control, procurement, safety coordination, project management and supervision. In addition, we offer facilitation of deployment, project auditing and impact evaluation. Our services are always tailored according to the client’s and the project’s needs.

We carry out infrastructure construction services with quality and efficiency by utilizing both experience and new working methods. Our infrastructure specialists are qualified and experienced experts in building roads, railways, bridges, tram lines, tunnels, and municipal infrastructure. In addition, together with our clients we have developed new ways of working to resolve the persistent issues in the field such as cost and quality control, procurement and impact evaluation.

Our competitive advantage in infrastructure construction is based on the Milestone solution we have developed. Our Milestone solution helps our clients to achieve their construction project quality, cost and schedule goals.

Project Strategy and Delivery System

We provide project strategy and project delivery system development services. We co-create the project strategy together with the client and key stakeholders. The project strategy outlines the shared targets and metrics for the project, which steer the decision-making, procurement, collaboration, and project strategy execution. Moreover, according to project strategy and targets, we evaluate the potential project delivery systems and develop the most suitable project model together with client.

Cost and Quality Control

We perform the cost calculations in all phases of the project. We take advantage of both conventional and latest calculation methods.

We guide and coordinate project planning and construction according to the client’s quality and cost goals. We ensure that design and engineering output are completed in time and serve the needs of decision making.


We prepare and execute public procurements together with the client. We develop the procurement plan and strategy. We prepare the procurement documents that are aligned with the procurement law. We organize high quality market dialogues, coordinate different steps in the procurement process, and we also facilitate the negotiations. We help in evaluation of the offers, preparing the procurement decision documents and in communicating throughout the process. Our expertise lies in quality-based and negotiated procurement procedures.

Project Management and Supervision

We act as the project manager of the construction project, and we carry out project management and coordination tasks throughout the project. We supervise the construction work. We work in such a manner that projects succeed and that people feel comfortable to work in the project.

Safety Coordination

We carry out the constructor’s Safety Coordinator’s tasks in all the phases of the infrastructure construction project. We ensure that all the regulated actions and obligations related to health and safety are successfully coordinated and fulfilled.

Project Auditing

We carry out construction project auditing. Typically, in 3 to 6 months intervals we carry out measurements that provide the client current understanding of whether the project is on schedule and whether the cost and quality goals are being reached. The measurement data provides the client an opportunity to tackle possible deviations in time.

Facilitation of Deployment

We help to ensure a smooth deployment according to the target schedule. We prepare the deployment tasks and the schedule, and we take care of the execution according to the set goals of the deployment.

Our service is based on the deployment process we have developed, which ensures a thorough preparation and organization of the deployment tasks, high quality communication and user training, and a timely execution of the tasks.

Impact Evaluation

We carry out the infrastructure construction project’s impact evaluation by using a post-evaluation method we have developed together with our clients. In the evaluation, we describe and analyze systematically the project’s internal and external effects, for example the development of a person’s know-how and the extra value created by the project. In addition, we document the project’s learnings and the proven ways of working for future projects’ needs.

Special Services

We help our infrastructure construction clients to succeed with special services that are tailored and targeted according to the project’s special features and needs. Our special services can also be executed as separate entities.

Our special services include project coaching, R&D services, alliance specialist, risk management and scenario planning.

What’s our competitive advantage?

Our competitive advantage is based on the Milestone model that helps clients to reach the project’s quality, cost, and schedule goals.

In the new Milestone model, the entire construction project is divided into milestones. The milestones are divided into takts in the proposal and general planning phases. Planning packages are being used to proceed in the implementation planning phase and the constructor can also utilize takt production in the construction phase if desired.

Dividing the planning phases in shorter periods for which clear goals have been set, also enables the decisions to be made in shorter periods.

Reaching of the goals is being followed in two to three-week intervals in the planning phase, and in a few month intervals in the construction phase. This way, the client has an up-to-date understanding of the project moving forward in planned schedule and that it stays within the set cost and quality targets. When the goals are actively being followed, the client can react if any deviations are discovered in the process.

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