Vantaa Energy selected Boost as its partner in establishing an alliance for the seasonal storage of heat project

The energy industry plays a significant role in mitigating climate change. Vantaa Energy took another leap forward in its climate goals and will end the use of fossil fuels by 2026. This tight schedule is enabled by the use of energy generated by waste processing, geothermal energy and solar energy as well as the seasonal storage of heat.

The Fossil-Free 2026 project continues Vantaa Energy’s long-term climate work and is visible to customers in the form of greater choice. The circular economy and renewable energy production technologies will play an even greater role in Vantaa Energy’s operations in the future. A significant step in the Fossil-Free 2026 project is the seasonal storage of heat.

The world’s largest seasonal storage of heat

Vantaa Energy is planning to quarry a 50–60-metre deep network of rock caves for the seasonal storage facility for heat. The facility will store natural water and energy can be stored in its temperature change with the district heating circulation.

The energy storage facility to be built underground is the most important part of the Fossil-Free 2026 project. The seasonal storage facility will enable the storage of waste heat and excess heat produced in the energy recovery of waste in the summer as well as solar energy during a period of low heating demand. The stored heat is utilised during sub-zero temperatures when the demand for heat is at its highest.

Kuusikonmäki in Vantaa is the planned location of the storage of heat facility. The capacity of the facility would be approximately 900,000 m3 and excavation volume a total of 1,000,000 m3.

Boost will implement the alliance establishment services

Vantaa Energy wants to implement the most important part of the extremely challenging project – the excavation contract – with the alliance model. An alliance means an organisation in which the cooperation partners are jointly responsible for the planning and implementation and share the risks and benefits. Vantaa Energy selected Boost Brothers as its partner in establishing the alliance and for procurements.

“We are especially impressed by their commitment to our project and willingness to work as a partner. It is important for us that we have the best solutions available also in this project. Therefore, we chose Boost Brothers,” says Matias Siponen, Business Development Manager at Vantaa Energy.

Matti Sivunen, who is in charge of the project at Boost Brothers, is also excited about the cooperation.

“Vantaa Energy is preparing a sustainability development project that is ambitious and internationally unique. If successful, this project will significantly speed up the achievement of the carbon-neutrality goals. Our project aims to create the best possible starting point for Vantaa Energy to launch the alliance cooperation,” says Matti Sivunen from Boost.

Further information:

Matti Sivunen
Boost Brothers
+358 40 751 5710

Matias Siponen
Vantaa Energy
+358 50 494 6115