Recruiting can also be done by walking!

Boost’s HR analyst Elina Rosengren and her colleagues participated in Walk for Jobs recruitment event in September. The event was held in a crisp autumn morning on the Telia 5G Arena. The event was a nice and new way to network and find interesting new talents. As a result, Boost found a new employee, Helmi Seppälä.

“The event combines networking and outdoor activities in a refreshing way. Best of all, I got to know Boost Brothers and I realized that geography skills can also be used in the construction industry. The first weeks have gone fast and I really enjoy learning new things. I also enjoy the company of my new colleagues – they are the very best!” Seppälä sums-up the moods of the first few weeks at Boost Brothers.

According to Rosengren, the employer should go to the recruitment event with an open mind.

“The event led into a successful recruitment. It was a refreshing and fun way to discuss with the jobseekers during a relaxed walk. In my opinion, it is a good idea to listen to the job seeker market and to think about what kind of expertise the field has to offer. According to Rosengren, Boost Brothers does not want to trace expertise, but rather wants to hire people who have a genuine desire to develop the construction industry.”