Open building-model of Myllynkulma in Järvenpää is the focus of international attention in Zürich

The international leaders in open building, including the Chinese Ministry of Housing, recently met at the Future of Open Building conference ( in Zürich.

Matti Sivunen introduced the open building model and experiences of Järvenpää’s new social and healthcare center project in the event. In Myllynkulma, practical application of open building has been developed in a unique way also internationally in social and healthcare building. Open Building is a way of designing a construction project where the building’s flexibility of lifecycle is chased. In open building concept, the building is looked at as a solid basic part and flexible space part. In designing and construction of the solid basic part the aspect are over 50 years’ lifecycle and sustainable solutions. Aspect in designing and construction of space part are requirements of first use and needs of the next 10-20 years.

Experiences in Myllynkulma show that adapt of open building in construction project requires a new way of action in construction and training of the parties. In the end of the event Boost Brothers was invited to international network of open building. Network’s work is led by experts of MIT and TU Delft.

More information and publication of conference

“An open building approach to construction project management – a case study” M. Sivunen (Boost Brothers Ltd), J. Kajander (Boost Brothers Ltd), J. Kiiras (Aalto Univ.) and J. Toivo (KOY Järvenpään Terveystalo)

Matti Sivunen

Boost Brothers Oy