Future of photonics in Finland

Boost Brothers has carried out a study on the future of photonics in Finland. The scanning of houses, in the same way as passengers in airport security checks, may be possible in the future with sensors that detect terahertz frequencies. Then the material identification could be done by looking inside the concrete. Imagine how efficiently and cost-effectively building condition investigations and 3D-models could be done, if the scanning could be done by drones attached by terahertz frequency detectors.

The photonics industry is growing rapidly, both in Finland and internationally. It is estimated that the annual turnover of the photonics industry will grow an average of about 30% over the next three years.

Applications of photonics provide numerous opportunities to construction as well as real estate sectors. For example, with flying drones attached with heat and hyperspectral cameras, houses and their constructions and conditions can be modelled very accurately. Therefore, the buildings indoor conditions are much more controllable, especially the heat and the humidity. In addition, the rate of which construction waste can be sorted and recycled will increase ten-fold and it can be automated.

For more information about the report, contact CEO Juho-Kusti Kajander.