Evaluation of alliance capability

Matti Sivunen was chosen to be an alliance consultant in the southern ring road of Lahti-project. The project is led by the Finnish transport agency.

During the project alliance consultant is coaching the client towards working in an alliance and evaluate the ability of companies to work in alliance. Boost Brothers has invested in a research of success of alliance and development of alliance’s way of acting. Sivunen has experience of similar tasks in several alliance projects.

Partners of the project are the Finnish transport agency, city of Lahti and municipality of Hollola. Partial totality of project that includes tunnels, interchanges and 8 kilometers of highway will be executed with alliance. There’s also a groundwater area on the area of project where the route will be built in a concrete trough. A management system of whole road ring traffic will be built as well. This partial totality of project costs 168 million euros. Developmental stage of this project starts in August and will last for one year. After that there is the implementation phase and the road is estimated to be complete in 2021.

More information: http://www.liikennevirasto.fi/vt12letke#.WUe9LMaB0xE