City of Helsinki and Boost Brothers join forces to develop Helsinki service networks

The project aims to develop Töölö and Kamppi school and kindergarten networks during 2018-2030. The work includes the analysis of the current state of school and kindergarten networks, investment needs and alternatives. Following that service network investment options are developed and analyzed to deliver high quality decision-making information for city decision-makers. Project shall be carried out during 2018 in close co-operation with Helsinki city service network unit, building user organizations and Boost Brothers.

“Töölö service network is very versatile and it includes premises owned and leased by the city of Helsinki. Therefore, it is highly important to identify and apply a suitable metrics to carefully analyze the development options,” says customer manager Antti Saarnio from City of Helsinki.

“It is awesome to join forces with the City of Helsinki to develop school and kindergarten networks. Successful service network design requires systematic screening and evaluation of development options”, elaborates project manager Petro Pöyhönen from Boost Brothers.