Boost Brothers assigned as HVACA cost-expert in a major hospital project in Kainuu

The construction of the new Kainuu hospital will begin in early 2017, with preparation and foundation phases. The construction and renovation of the specialized and primary healthcare will be funded by a total €153 million in the years to 2021. The budget for the construction works is €132,4 million and the hospital’s procurements have been allocated €20,6 million.

The project is divided into separate development and implementation stages. The implementation phase will start in January 2017, as the client now have made the construction decision according to the implementation plan and target price proposed by the alliance.

Boost Brothers has acted as a HVACA (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and automation) cost-expert in the project, in close cooperation with the members of the alliance. The assignment of the HVACA cost-expert is to ensure that the cost estimation made in the development phase, is aligned with principles agreed upon in advance, and that the costs are based on comparable data. The cost estimate has to be done in such a way, that costs are transparently and easily demonstrated after the project as well.