Boost Academy helps professionals advance their construction management skills

Close collaboration with leading industry experts

Boost Academy is an in-house training program of Boost Brothers that provides tools for rapid learning and professional growth. The Academy is based on how professionals learn; it combines conceptual understanding with practical, real-world experiences. “Interactive feedback together with insights from leading industry experts are foundational components of our training program,” says Matti Sivunen from Boost Brothers.

In-depth construction management training

The academy provides employees with in-depth training in various construction management topics. Among the topics have been e.g. scale, cost, and schedule risk management and how to choose an appropriate construction contracting method for a specific construction project, for which Boost has developed several procedures in collaboration with its clients.

Developing project expertise to the next level

In 2019, Juhani Kiiras, Professor Emeritus of Construction Economics, served as the main instructor of the Boost Academy. “The experts at Boost Brothers can be proud of their project management tools and skills. They know the basics as well as the more advanced methods of risk management, and apply these tools in practice, which is extraordinary,” says Kiiras.

Being an active member of the Boost Academy has also given a lot to the instructor. “The sessions have given me a lot of new ideas. For example, how to identify the cost increase caused by a rise in the project quality level, as well as what the most crucial tasks of risk management are,” says Kiiras.