The new project delivery method for construction projects was presented internationally

In co-operation with Mestaritoiminta and the city of Järvenpää, Boost Brothers developed a new project delivery method for construction projects. The method is now being applied in the construction of the “Kinnari”-school in Järvenpää.

Typically, project delivery methods are chosen based on previous experiences. This can easily lead to repeating past mistakes, such as exceeding the budget of a project or a situation where the building doesn’t serve the needs of the end user.

The new project delivery method was developed using a joint development method. In a joint development method, the project team creates a project delivery method in line with the goals of the construction project, using the latest market information and the best possible resources. Joint development is executed using an efficient LEAN-method, which allows for a great amount of new information to be used conveniently in the creation of the project delivery model.

The building blocks of the new project delivery method are alliance contracting, the concept of open building and user-driven design. The goal is to be able to deliver the finished construction project both on schedule and without exceeding the budget. Other key aspects are also the contentment of the end users as well as the adaptability of the building in the future. The concept of open building is a key enabler when it comes to the adaptability of buildings.

The new project delivery method was applied in the school project of Kinnari in Järvenpää. The goal in designing Kinnari’s school is to build the best school in Finland. The project is executed with a tight budget and a quick schedule, a perfect fit for the new project delivery method. Also, the end user of the building is part of the alliance that takes part in the decision making and planning of the building together with the builder and the designer.

The first phase of the project has been a success. In the auditing carried out by Boost Brothers the alliance got an excellent grade.

The new project delivery method has also been presented internationally. Petro Pöyhönen from Boost Brothers wrote a scholarly paper on the subject, which he presented in June at the Creative Construction Conference 2017 in Croatia.