First contract agreement with partnership project model in Finland

Pajalankurki-project is the first contract in Finland which has been implemented with partnership model.

This new project model aims to decrease quality defects and it should develop productivity in a long-term partnership between client and contractor. The most important thing in this model is, that with long lasting partnership both parties can learn from the project and develop whole field of construction. Partnership project model is developed by Boost Brothers and Järvenpää’s Mestariasunnot. The first phase of construction has already started.

Järvenpää’s Mestariasunnot Oy has signed the contract with Varte Oy in Pajalankurki-project. Boost Brothers has been an acquisition specialist in this project and will continue as an auditor. The target of this project is a low energy building with 69 apartments. One example how low energy thinking shows in the project is use of geothermal heating. The value of the contract is about 7 million euros.

More information: Matti Sivunen