Boost Brothers opens a new office to Tampere and strengthens its Infrastructure Construction

Boost Brothers Ltd is expanding into the rapidly developing growth area of Tampere region in Western Finland. At the same time, the company strengthens its foothold in infrastructure construction.

“Our goal is to reform the operating methods of infrastructure construction by putting our research data into practice,” says Tuomo Takkinen, Director of Infrastructure Construction at Boost Brothers.

Science is the most important cornerstone of the company’s operations. Construction solutions based on research and innovation increase the productivity of clients’ projects.

“We are constantly developing new operating models. For example, the model created for project risk management has produced excellent results in the Koskela depot renewal project. Efficient project preparation has been successful.”

The models developed by Boost Brothers, especially those suitable for urban needs, can be used to improve project decision-making and investment planning. In addition, a successful Milestone solution has been launched for project monitoring.

“We want to be involved in developing the Tampere region, and we are able to offer cities all types of construction from houses to streets, bridges and tracks, as well as project supervision,” says Takkinen.

A step toward greater growth

Boost Brothers’ new office will open in the Tulli area next to Tampere railway station in mid-May. The expansion signifies an opportunity to serve a wider area, from the Helsinki Metropolitan Region to the latitude of Oulu in Northern Finland.

“The new office is a bigger step for the company’s geographical growth and at the same time the biggest growth investment of the year,” says Juho-Kusti Kajander, CEO.

Being physically present makes it possible to bring the services and expertise close to the customer. Professional local expertise and the chance to react quickly are also key.

“When we can talk face to face and breathe the same air as the customer, we are able to suggest functional solutions while genuinely listening to the customer.”

Boost Brothers currently employs about thirty people, one third of whom will work at the Tampere office in future. The company’s goal is to continue to grow its business by recruiting more construction professionals.

“Growth is being sought both in Finland and abroad. Our goal is to be the best workplace for construction development in the Nordic countries,” says Kajander.


Boost Brothers Ltd. is a Finnish construction solutions company founded in 2010. The company’s services include construction management, coaching, infrastructure construction, industrial construction, research and development, service network planning and long-term maintenance planning (LTP). The company’s offices are located in Pasila, Helsinki, and from May onwards in Tampere as well.