Boost Brothers developing smart readiness of buildings

Boost Brothers is involved in a research project that is seeking a sustainable solution to enable efficient use of the resources of future cities and buildings.

In The Flow of Urban Life Veturi program, Aalto university, KONE and Business Finland, together with their project partners, are piloting a research project that aims to develop a practical model that will increase buildings’ readiness to operate in future cities as well as streamline human flows.

In addition to KONE, the project, to be implemented in 2022–2025, includes Boost Brothers, Newsec, OP Property Management, Siemens, Sello, Aalto University Campus & Real Estate and Spacent.

Boost investigates smart readiness of buildings using the SRI method

One of the aims of the research project is to develop a practical model to increase the readiness of buildings so they are able to function in the developing urban structure of the future. The model will be developed using the EU-based Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) method to assess the smart readiness of buildings.

The aim of implementing the SRI method is to achieve the set carbon neutrality targets and to limit global warming. SRI also aims to support the transformation and electrification of the energy system by, for example, optimising electricity consumption in properties. In Finland, the SRI method has been implemented and developed by, among others, Aalto University.

As part of the research project, Boost Brothers plans to study and test the SRI method together with selected clients and sites. Boost’s CEO Juho-Kusti Kajander is excited about the progress of the project:

“The aim of the SRI method is to develop properties so that they are better equipped to face future uncertainties. SRI assessment can be used to determine what means a property owner has to increase the building’s smart readiness. It is also topical to study and test the use of the SRI applications in construction projects, and how the method can be applied to, for example, the preparation of construction projects, design management and procurement.”