Tässä kuvassa on Koskelan varikko

Boost Brothers as Scrum Master in the Koskela Depot development phase

The development phase of the Koskela Depot in Helsinki is underway. Boost Brothers works as the Scrum Master for the project.

– It is important for us that we can help the alliance. During the development phase, our main role is to support the collaboration between the project parties and to help in creating an agile way of working. We use the Scrum method, which is based on the idea of creating value to the customer in short and quick sprints, says Matti Sivunen, Leading Expert and Partner at Boost Brothers.

In the development phase of the Koskela depot project Boost acts as the Scrum Master and supports the implementation of the Scrum method. In addition, Boost also provides Big Room facilitation. The decision to choose Boost for the role is a strong sign of trust in Boost’s expertise.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd wants to develop the entire construction sector and create solutions to construction challenges. Last spring, they and the alliance’s service providers had jointly identified true collaboration and control of planning as a potential challenge for the project and had chosen to use the Scrum method as one of the key solutions.

Boost Brothers – a pioneer of the Scrum method

Boost Brothers has been studying and using the Scrum method for a long time, so it is only natural that Boost was asked for a proposition for the alliance. Boost’s way of implementing and facilitating project planning is new and even radical, as the method has not been used in construction on this scale in Finland before.

– Successful use of the method requires that the big picture of the project, such as the common goal, boundary conditions and phases, is clear and that we work towards it. The kind of project entity that Metropolitan Area Transport and its key stakeholders find valuable, Sivunen sums up.

Boost’s approach involves finding the most productive knowledge and putting it into practice, which fits in well with Metropolitan Area Transport’s goals of developing the sector and training new professionals.

The implementation phase will start early next year

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd is implementing the large-scale Koskela depot project in an alliance with service providers. The project is characterised by particularly ambitious environmental objectives.

The aim of the development phase is to define a framework within which the implementation phase could start in early 2025.

– The development phase will be followed by an implementation phase lasting two to three years, which could be launched in the autumn of next year. Then we will face new management challenges as the organisation grows in size, says Sivunen.

The Koskela depot is scheduled to be operational in 2028 and, when completed, will be the second main depot for Helsinki’s rail traffic. The project will involve replacing the old facilities of the current depot with a new, fit-for-purpose depot.

The Koskela depot project is part of a wider tram depot development plan, which makes provision for the growth of rail traffic in the Helsinki metropolitan area.