Havainnekuva Vantaan ratikasta

Boost Brothers as part of Vantaa’s flagship project – light rail to the airport 2029

The Vantaa Light Rail is the largest investment ever made by the City of Vantaa and one of the largest infrastructure projects to be implemented in Finland in the coming years. The light rail will be implemented using the alliance model.

The design of the Vantaa line is in its final stages and the project is preparing for the construction phase and the procurement of alliance partners. Boost Brothers is acting as the client’s procurement expert in the preparation of the procurement. The procurement will be carried out during 2024 with the aim of finding the best possible alliance partners for the project.

– We have had the opportunity to act as the client’s expert in several of the largest alliance procurements in Finland in recent years. It is great to be involved in taking forward the very significant procurement and project entity of Vantaa Light Rail, says Juho-Kusti Kajander, CEO of Boost Brothers.

Boost’s role in the project is to be responsible for the preparation and implementation of the procurement as the client’s expert, and to provide support services for the co-operative project during the development and implementation phases.

The development phase of the project is expected to start in 2024, once the alliance partners have been chosen. The construction of the light rail is planned to take place between 2024 and 2029.

Vantaa becomes the fourth tram city in Finland

One of Vantaa’s most important projects, the light rail supports the city’s core objectives. Vantaa’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030 and to continue to grow sustainably along public transport links. The light rail would enable a car-free lifestyle on its 19 km route. Vantaa would also become Finland’s fourth city with a tram system.

Vantaa light rail will also bring urban development and attractiveness in the form of new housing, jobs, services and easier everyday mobility.

An important part of the capital region’s tram network

The first plans for a tramway in Vantaa were made back in 1992 for the city’s master plan. In May 2023, the Vantaa City Council made the decision to build the first rapid transit line in Vantaa. The light rail is a major investment for the future of Vantaa.

The planned route for the light rail will run through the Hakunila, Tikkurila and Aviapolis sub-regions connecting the areas, thus forming a smooth transversal rail link to Helsinki-Vantaa airport and, in the east, to the metro at the Mellunmäki terminus. The light rail will strengthen Tikkurila’s position as one of the public transport hubs of southern Finland.

The completion of the light rail will also trigger supplement construction along the route and renew the entire street environment, improving walking and cycling connections. In the coming decades, the route could bring 60 000 new residents and 30 000 new jobs.